How We Build

At Texas Traditional Homes we have a unique philosophy about how to build a home. While our homes have all the luxury, quality and attention to detail of a custom home, we are not a traditional custom home builder. We design and build exceptional homes and then find the right client for that home. While we do invite your input on paint, flooring and many other finishing details, the design and primary floor plan of the home is ours. This unique approach has numerous benefits for our customers:

Rapid Build Schedule

The worst part of the luxury home building process for most people is the 18-month build time, that more often than not stretches to 24 months. Our process allows us to build a quality luxury home that our clients tell us is as good or better than any custom home they have built, in significantly less time! And our expertise and decades of experience allows us to ensure that we meet the delivery date we promise you.

Custom Home Quality

Most people who build a custom home are primarily looking for the quality materials, impressive finish-out, exceptional craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art design and features that you generally find in a custom home. Production and semi-custom builders make the most profit from cranking out poorly built homes as fast as they can.  We fill the gap between them, providing all the amenities of a custom home, but in the timeframe and price-range of a semi-custom home.

Semi-Custom Price

Because we control the design process, and build homes that are of the most cost-efficient design for the homesite, we are able to deliver a custom quality home for significantly less than a fully custom home of the same size and finish out. Our homes have the same level of quality workmanship, materials and finish out of a custom home, so you end up with a home that is significantly better built than your average semi-custom home, but for about the same price!

Texas Contemporary Design

While our name says “traditional” our home designs are modern and exciting! That’s because we incorporate traditional craftsmanship into contemporary and elegant homes. We spend a lot of time working with some of the top architects in Texas to develop homes that are not only stunning inside and out, but highly functional, open and inviting, and extremely livable. Because we are not a traditional custom builder, we have to develop designs that are so compelling, our traditional custom and semi-custom clients take one look and say: “It’s perfect!”

Energy Efficient

If you have lived more than a few years in Texas you understand the need for energy-efficient homes. Air conditioning bills alone can get extremely high during the hot Austin summers. At Texas Traditional Homes we incorporate the latest in energy efficient insulation, framing and facing materials, HVAC systems and ductwork, even the electrical outlets and light fixtures. We work to make your home as efficient to own as it is beautiful. We also have extensive experience designing and installing alternative energy systems, such as solar, to take your energy efficiency to the next level.

Texas Lifestyle

In Texas we love the great outdoors, and with the right design and features, we can make outdoor living comfortable year round. Your Texas Traditional home is designed to make the outdoors another living and entertaining space. From functional outdoor kitchens and living areas, to swimming pools, water features, fire features, and even outdoor theaters, we can turn your yard into an integral part of your home.