Why Choose Us

Why Select Texas Traditional Homes?

Homes Delivered When Promised

Making sure that workers, materials, etc. are in the right place at the right time is called staging. The challenge is that there are always issues that arise during the building process. These issues generally result in construction delays but with Texas Traditional Homes we make these problems and challenges disappear with the quality and time frame that we deliver. We’ve been in the building industry for more than 30 years, but we are not set in our ways. As we work through the construction staging of each home we have learned to be flexible, to think and act outside the box, and to find ways to adjust the construction process to maximize our resources. We don’t let weather, city inspectors, or insufficient supplies stop our work from moving forward, so your home is always moving forward.

Custom Home Quality at an Exceptional Price

Enjoy the quality construction, upscale finish-out and level of detail of a custom home at a very competitive price. At Texas Traditional Homes we have been building exceptional quality homes for decades, and we only build homes that we would want our families to live in. In fact, we all DO live in Texas Traditional Homes, and have for many years! So we know exactly what needs to be done to build a quality home that is livable and that lasts! While we do not build typical “custom” homes, the quality of the workmanship, the quality of the finish out, and the level of craftsmanship are superior to must fully custom homes built in the Austin area. Most of our clients who have built custom homes in the past tell us they not only prefer the quality of the home we build them, they much preferred the building process which is faster than the average custom home in Austin, and significantly less stressful!

Contemporary Design, Traditional Craftsmanship

We fuse modern home design and amenities with traditional materials and unparalleled craftsmanship to deliver a home that is unique, livable and impressive. We understand that your luxury home is much more than just a house. It is the culmination of years of your hard work. It’s where quality moments will be shared with family and friends. As such, it deserves the passion and expertise that only an experienced homebuilder can provide. We monitor your worksite daily to ensure our talented subcontractors are delivering their best work. We ensure that each aspect of the home is built to our rigorous standards, and we take as much time with the “behind-the-walls” elements of your home that you may never see, as we do with the little details you will enjoy every day. Our passion for exceptional craftsmanship, combined with our commitment to industry-leading materials, technologies and innovations allows us to build a quality home that you will be proud to own, and love living in.